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Mini Robie Robes

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Mini Robie Robes

Make changing extra fun with our cosy hooded robes. Protect your child's modesty whilst changing.

Keeping your children instantly warm, dry and covered the easiest way.

Designed in Cornwall and made from the highest quality Turkish cotton, the robes are 100% cotton velour on the outside and super-cosy towelling on the inside. 

Seaside or poolside, this is one garment the kids will love.

At a glance


  • hood
  • generous cut for ease of changing
  • sleeves
  • Navy 


  • outer – 100% cotton velour
  • inner – soft towelling

Robie Original Size Chart             

                                         Chest               Length         Shoulder width

Extra small (XS)               150cm                 102cm                75cm

Medium (M)                     160cm                 110cm                80cm

Extra long (XL)                  160cm                 130cm                80cm

Robie Event Jacket Size Chart 

                                          Chest               Length         Shoulder width           Sleeve length

Small (S)                           131cm                112cm                 54cm                     70cm   

Medium (M)                     131cm                117cm                 54cm                     73cm

Large (L)                           141cm                127cm                 59cm                     78CM

Childrens Robies Size Chart 

                                          Chest                Length        Shoulder width  

5/7 Years                          130cm                 64cm                   65cm 

8/9  years                          130cm                 84cm                   65cm

If you require any advise with your sizing, please do not hestitae to contact us via e mail or call us on 07717688359