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13th May 2015

Mr Robie Robes on the left and my co pilot John Navin on the right. 

Check out our Facbook page.


2nd April 2015

Robie Robes application just sent in for the Redbull Soapbox Race at Alexandra Palace London this summer.

Watch this space for a sneaky look at our Soapbox... beleive me it is one of a kind:)


12th March 2015

Only 8 days until the 2015 Swim Expo at the event city in Manchester.

Please come and look at your new Robie collection for the coming season.

Also on display will be our latest project the Robie event jacket due for launch this year....

21st January 2015

It is been so exciting to see such great feedback for our support for the Wave Project in Cornwall.

Looking forward to the next Wave Project adventure.  ...

2nd December 2014

Did you know that Janni and Sonni are Germany's top surfing and SUP legends as well as international athletes and Playboy models 

We can not possibily list all of their achievements so take time to check out their websites.


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