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14th June 2016

Niel Eddy,Triathlon 220 Magazine age group Triathlete of the year 2015.Reviews the Robie Event jacket.

Lucy and I swam in wetsuits while training on saturday,To have the Robie Even Jacket waiting when we got out was perfect. Fleece lined and...

14th March 2016


Mini Triathlon Series Logo

Cornwall Mini Triathlon Series - For Children


26th February 2016


Mount Everest sherpa Dhuba lamichhan. He only tried the jacket on once and didnt take it off.

We designed the Robie Event Jacket over a two year period for mainly watersport users.  Who would of thought how versatile the Robie jacket...

1st February 2016

Tassy swallow has won every British, English and UK under 18 Pro Tour title.

This is what she had to say about the New Robie Event Jacket.

My Robie Event Jacket is the most functional coat in my wardrobe! I know I can throw it on over my...

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